Dan Bythewood

Dan Bythewood graduated from Bridgewater State University, where he majored in Fine Arts and Art History, focusing on drawing, painting, illustration and cartooning. Dan began tattooing in Boston in 2007, and has since worked at the iconic New York shops New York Adorned and Flyrite Tattoo before returning to Boston in 2019 to join the crew at Ghost in the Machine Tattoo.

Dan’s versatile strength in many tattoo styles is matched by his diverse artistic interests and influences. Drawing inspiration from beautiful naturalist illustrations of flora and fauna, classical works of art, and gritty underground comix and art from the punk and metal scenes, Bythewood casts a wide artistic net.

On any given day Dan can be found executing illustrative fine line black and gray work, bold colorful American traditional and large scale Japanese traditional tattoos, delicate compositions of flowers and birds, or raunchy and bizarre creepy comic art and tattoos showcased on his alternate Instragram account @thegoonhead.

Dan’s tattoo practice is welcoming to clients of all backgrounds and genders and aims to provide a professional, safe and kind atmosphere and tattoo experience for all.